Lutein Complex

Eye-care product Number 1*

Capsules with liquid content with optimum doses of lutein, zeaxanthin, bilberry extract and zinc – the most beneficial substances for the eyes.

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Lutein Complex

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Lutein Complex

A look at sight

We take care of the eyes only when a problem with them appears, but as it is one of our most important senses, we should not neglect it. Most of the problems with them can be avoided, as they appear because of an inappropriate diet or with age. For this purpose we only need to early take the appropriate measures.
Over 10 years now Lutein Complex offers eyes care to thousands of people. The specially selected ingredients in it have proven beneficial effect on the eyes health and the innovative technology accelerates a lot the absorption of the body.
Lutein Complex

Optimum care of your eyes

The active ingredients in Lutein Complex are essential for maintaining the eyes health according to a numerous of studies**.
Lutein and Zeaxanthin are the most important anti-oxidants in the eye, which prevent forming of free radicals. Zeaxanthin is the predominant ingredient in the central part of retina – the macule and in the peripheral part Lutein is the predominant one.
The bilberry extract helps to strengthen the eye capillaries, to regenerate the visual pigments and to improve the circulatory activities.
Lutein Complex

A preventive measure and a complete solution

The Lutein Complex intake is a preventive measure for the main visual disturbances occurring with age.
It is proven that there is a direct link between the lutein and zeaxanthin intake and prevention of developing cataract and age-related macule degeneration.** the age related macule degeneration causes a progressive loss of the central vision.
The Cataract leads to increasing the lens density and thus to reducing it transparency and to blindness.
Lutein Complex

Guarantee for quality and safety

Lutein Complex capsules are manufactured in Capsugel factories in Colmar – France using the patented technology to put in liquid herbal extracts into hard capsules.
This technology eliminates the thermal treatment of the substances, which allows preventing their beneficial properties and guarantees the maximum quick and complete absorption in the body. Compared to the hard forms, such as tablets, the ingredients in Lutein Complex capsules get released much quicker, because they are dissolved in advance. They are completely natural and solvents, preservatives, gluten, sugar and GMO free.

Take one capsule Lutein Complex daily and continue enjoying the view

Lutein Complex
19,50 лв.
Lutein Complex

Lutein Complex

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Lutein (Lutein) 33.0 mg, Zeaxanthin (Zeaxanthin) 8.25 mg, Bilberry extract (Extr. Vaccinium myrtillus, 25% anthocianidines) 30.0 mg, Vitamin С (Ascorbic acid) 66.0 mg, Vitamin Е ( D – Alpha tocopherol natural) 16.5 mg α-TE, Zinc (Zinc Sulfate) 15.0 mg

How to take

Lutein Complex should be taken 1 capsule a day after meal, no less than 3 months.

Side effects

Not found. It is not recommended to people with an allergy towards fish products. Lutein Complex is a food supplement and does not cause irritation and hypersensitivity, and it can be taken for long periods. Lutein Complex can be taken alone or in combination with medications, prescribed by the doctor.


Lutein Complex is a combination of highly effective antioxidants. Vitamin C, vitamin Е and zinc contribute to the protection of cells from an oxidative stress. The increased concentration of bioflavonoids – lutein and zeaxanthin in the eyes helps their health with fatigue and aging. The bilberries extract supports the adaptive features of the eye towards light and darkness and assist in the maintenance of the sight sharpness. It favorably influences the eyes functions at the environmental impact - UV radiation of the sun, artificial lighting etc. Zinc helps to maintain the normal sight.

Why to choose Lutein Complex Plus?

  • Because Lutein Complex is the product № 1 on Bulgarian market and is the most demanded and preferred food supplement for the eyes;
  • Because Lutein Complex Plus contains the optimum doses of the most important antioxidants for the eyes health;
  • Because Lutein Complex Plus is with a proven effectiveness and an excellent quality;
  • Because the Lutein Complex Capsules contain a liquid formula, which guaranties full and rapid absorption by the body;
  • ...And last but not least – the PRICE. Because Lutein Complex Plus is at a reasonable price for a 30 capsules pack.

A research made shows that the fear of blindness comes to a third place after the fears of developing cancer or a heart disease. Sometimes, seemingly insignificant symptoms can cause a disease and complications that are difficult to treat, and in some cases, unfortunately, they can cause sight loss. Serious eye diseases occur without any symptoms and are found accidently. The most common ones are cataract, age-related macule degeneration and glaucoma.

CATARACT is a pathological condition when lens opacity occurs and as a result the sight gets damaged.   In the beginning problems with reading and driving appear and with time it becomes difficult to discern faces and objects. Usually the far sight gets affected and the patients have increased sensitivity towards the bright light.

MACULAR DEGENERATION is a pathological condition which includes many different eye diseases and it most often manifests as a central sight disorder (the sight thanks to which we see the objects in front of us), while at the same time the peripheral sight remains good. As a result the reading, the clear focusing of objects and identification of faces gets difficult. Gradually the sight becomes dim and blurred, which makes one’s everyday life very difficult and with worse quality.

Glaucoma is a group of diseases, with which there is a damage of the optic nerve and as an effect nerve cells die, which causes failure of parts of the visual field to a complete sight loss. In the majority of cases the glaucoma is connected to an increased intraocular pressure. Worldwide, the glaucoma is the second reason for blindness. With people aged over 80 years almost one in ten suffers it.


Lutein Complex is produced in France using the patented Capsugel technology Licaps® to put in liquid herbal extracts. This process eliminates the heat treatment of the active substance. This allows to preserve its beneficial properties and guaranties the quick and complete absorption by the body. Compared to the hard forms, such as tablets, the substances in Licaps® get released very quickly because they are dissolved in advance.

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